My name is Joanna Piotrowska.
I am a lawyer.




Case Grycan vs Lidl
Case Nestle vs Mokate


Boutique, as in small, gifted, and expert in one specialized area…
Boutique, as in thoroughly happy to be small, selective, and prosperous…

John Grisham, The Litigators

After several years of work for one of the biggest global corporations (where I was in charge of Intellectual Property protection in several European countries) I realized that most of my time was spent on: managerial tasks, i.e. worrying how to make other lawyers busy, supervisory tasks, i.e. reviewing what other lawyers did and making them unhappy by interfering with their job, and frustration, caused by the fact that I did not spend enough time doing things which I really loved to do.

I decided to change it.

For several years now, I am running my own boutique IP law firm. I do most of the tasks myself and it makes me very happy the way it is.

I’ve always been deeply interested in the legal aspects of brands protection (my specialty area being the protection of trademarks which have a reputation). What I also like very much is advising in media-related cases (especially discussing the legal aspects of parasitic, comparative and misleading advertising). Besides that I happily get involved in all cases related to copyrights and image protection.

I do write legal opinions and tailor-made contracts. I handle negotiations and court disputes. I also had a chance to advise in several processes of disposals and acquisitions (plus consolidations) of IP portfolios. I like getting involved in organizing IP trainings and presentations (both for lawyers and business/ marketing people).

I truly love it.


This is exactly the place where most of the hair-dressers, lawyers and on-line groceries make a declaration of their ‘mission’.

I am not going to do this.

I am not afraid to admit that my reasons are purely egoistic.

I simply like it.

I love trademarks.
I am thoroughly fascinated by advertising phenomenon.
I adore meeting creative people.

And… I like it about myself… ;-)


Joanna Piotrowska
Kancelaria Prawno-Patentowa

NIP: 951-134-03-51
REGON: 142449508


+48 600 204 313

Morszyńska 47, 02-925 Warszawa